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Review: Martin Heidegger – Letters to his Wife 1915-1970

A selection of the letters written by Martin Heidegger made the cut for Getrud Heidegger, his granddaughter. In his will he left a wooden chest with over a thousand letters in it, with which she could do as she pleases. Her grandmother asked her to wait till the year 2000. Gertrude reminds her reader that she also had the possibility of burning the letters, but we are thankful she opt for publishing the letters. This publication is promised not to be the last, for the next publication is said to be an academic (full?) version. In the current version however, even the academic reader will not be disappointed. Namely because the book clearly hints at discussion between scholars: how much of a Nazi was Heidegger? It is an interesting question because it might be a determent factor in his philosophical writings.